Visitors to the mythical birthplace of baseball continue to visit Doubleday Field – reportedly the site of the first-ever baseball game, held by Abner Doubleday in 1839 – to pay homage to the history of the sport. Ongoing preservation and renovation activities will ensure that the field can be treasured by baseball enthusiasts for generations to come.

Doubleday hosts the National Baseball Hall of Fame Classic each year, featuring major league alumni playing a game on Memorial Day Weekend.

If you would like a tour, Friends of Doubleday Field offers a one-hour, 8:30 a.m. tour. Please email in advance to arrange!

As hundreds of teams do each year, you too can partake in the spirit of the game and play baseball on the field; it is available to rent from approximately mid-April through Columbus Day Weekend in October, depending on weather and field conditions. If you are a visitor and would like to watch a game being played at Doubleday, you can spectate most of these games free of charge.

Please click on the button below for the official website, and then click on “Field Rental” to access the field rental application as well as the field schedule.